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12th April 2021

DVSA have announced that, Providing the governments roadmap goes to plan and the announcement on the 5th April is that we are continuing with the next phase of unlocking restrictions, then:

Driving lessons will commence on Monday 12th April

Driving tests will commence 10 days later on Thursday 22nd April

Theory tests will commence on Monday 12th April

How will we restart?

All going well, and we are able to restart on the 12th April, then we will be phasing back in driving lessons. As you can imagine, we have a lot of people who have already got their tests booked, many of who are still waiting for theirs since the first lockdown.

Many driving tests were cancelled and rescheduled since last March and due to continued lockdowns, have been rescheduled constantly. As we are now hopefully at a point for returning, those students have their driving tests in the first few weeks of us being able to restart.

Due to this, we will be prioritising them with driving lessons, giving them as many hours as they need to get them back up to scratch - considering they haven't had lessons for nearly 3 months.

Once we have those booked in we will then work everyone else around these hours, we will do our best to get everyone in. But, as you can imagine it is going to be difficult getting everything running smoothly for the first couple of months back.

Updated 23rd February 2021

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